Of course, they still exist, the printed business directories or the laboriously and cost-intensively prepared advertising folders. With these, potential customers can find out more about a company. However, 4 out of 5 internet users now look online for information about local businesses and services. Therefore, it makes sense for small companies in particular to be present on the Internet, to build up the brand there, and thus to leave an informative business card for interested parties. A website is a wonderful opportunity to get customers excited about your services and thus promote new customer acquisition.

For which keywords do you actually want to be found?

It is crucial to know which search terms your website should rank for. It is of little use to rank for terms that have little or nothing to do with your service. Therefore, use keyword research to find out which search phrases your site should rank for. The keyword research is done either independently with the help of various SEO tools or better by an SEO agency. If you then know which keywords are important for your company, you can align your website accordingly and be interesting for new customers.

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Creating unique content

After determining the thematically appropriate and frequently searched keywords, it is time to create unique content. Internet users enjoy reading high-quality, interesting, unique, and legible texts. If possible, enrich this content with meaningful infographics or videos. Search engines naturally want to provide their customers with the best possible service. Therefore, it is crucial to put the necessary effort into content design. The content created should be geared to the keywords and equally to the needs of the website visitors. Include enough paragraphs and subheadings for comfortable readability. Consider different types of content, such as bulleted lists, quotes, graphics, podcasts, or videos.

You can say that search engine optimization is also very important for small businesses. Good positions in the local results form the basis for long-term success. With commitment and time, it is possible to optimize your own website profile on your own in order to improve its findability on the Internet.