Doing business remotely

The coronavirus has turned everything upside down these months. Daily life, but also entrepreneurship. It is shifting this period from offline to online business. Suddenly, everything is happening remotely and a lot is happening online.

Video calling
The physical encounters have been suspended for the time being, all contact is now via mobile phone or computer. Business contact now goes through video calling via Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Duo, or FaceTime. Contact with your customers has always been very important, but by means of a video connection, you can still see your conversation partners. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Be ready for the interview on time, you are also on time for a physical appointment. It is very uncomfortable to have the other party wait in front of the computer.
  • Use a laptop or computer for the conversation. Or else make sure that your phone is stable so that you have a fixed image.
  • Think of the light. Do not sit in the sun, but look for a quiet place in your office or living room with stable (artificial) light. Also, consider a neutral background, do not sit in front of the cat’s scratching post.
  • Put your phone away. It is almost automatic to view incoming messages, but your conversation partner constantly sees you looking away.
  • Are you using a particular tool for the first time? Then first practice with your partner, friends or family, so that you know all the functions.

You also pitch ideas with video calling. Every starting entrepreneur needs a good pitch. You can currently practice a lot at home, and especially realize that you are now doing the pitch via a computer screen. A different way of communicating and less room to move.

A good pitch consists of the three Ps:

  • What problem do you solve?
  • Pitch with passion
  • Personalize your story

In addition, make a video of your pitch and make the film part of your acquisition. If you are looking for contact with a customer for the first time, please include the video. You immediately have an advantage over your competitors, the customer already knows who you are at the first visual contact. Perhaps during this period, you will – out of necessity – develop the ideal online pitch for your company and decide to continue it in this way after the corona crisis.

Seeking new opportunities

The corona crisis is forcing entrepreneurs to innovate. To think differently. More than ever, you have to rely on your creativity, you can create your own website to earn money such as ““. You have to start thinking about new possibilities. Restaurants are closed, but now deliver three-course meals, or have customers pick them up.

Services via live stream
Freelance musicians can no longer perform, but now give private guitar lessons via Skype. Cooks who normally give workshops now do so online. More and more entrepreneurs are discovering the possibility of live streaming via large channels such as YouTube or workshops or tutorials in small groups. Pub quizzes that were held in the pub, for example, are now played via a live stream on YouTube, with a donation model to generate income anyway.

Create Business Model Canvas

This corona period is also a good time to repack or make your Business Model Canvas for the first time. On the basis of 9 building blocks, you describe the different aspects of your company, including the revenue model, the added value, customers, relations, and suppliers. Look carefully to see if the lessons you are taking now give you new insights. The most important lesson from the corona crisis is that many entrepreneurs are forced to think differently. Even more from the customer. It’s up to you to find new ways to fulfill customer needs.

Working efficiently
And we will probably learn during this period to look differently at our way of working. All those video calls and meetings are incredibly effective. Of course, there will soon be the social component of doing business again, which is indispensable and cannot be expressed in monetary terms. But as an entrepreneur, you are always looking for added value and the time factor is one of them. The faster and more efficiently you consult online, the more time you have offline. And that also applies to the customer. He can watch your video pitch whenever he wants, you also make his day more efficient. Process your acquired experiences and new skills in your strategy and business model.

Checking insurance
In this time of corona, it is good to check your insurance policies again. Due to financial uncertainty at many companies, it can unexpectedly happen that you run into a business conflict with a supplier or that a customer refuses to pay.