Predict employee retention

The best-managed companies are discovering the power to predict who will leave…

Employee turnover or churn is a major challenge for many firms these days. Doing predictive employee turnover analysis (PETA) has unique advantages. It turns traditional (descriptive) turnover analysis to an inferior ‘product’ definitely. PETA looks at employee turnover in a three-dimensional way: 1) what were turnover patters in the past years?, 2) how did these patterns evolve over the past years? and 3) what new/existing relationships exist between turnover and employee factors? Standard one-dimensional reporting systems tell you what happened yesterday, PETA will tell you what could happen tomorrow! By using iNostix’ predictive algorithms, clients will be able to beat the degree of insights of any traditional, descriptive approach by 20 to 50%.


Turnover scenario modeling

Predictive analytics-driven scenario modeling capabilities in HR will empower front-line decision makers and executives to make decisions when the business requires it.

Turnover risk heat maps

Instead of the usual reporting overviews such as department, division or business unit, iNostix constructs risk heat maps based on the risk profiles of automatically generated employee clusters.

Turnover statistical forecasting

By adding a 3, 6 or 12 months statistical forecast to your standard turnover reporting, turnover will become much more actionable and will get more attention from management.