Predict hiring success

Let’s take the emotion out of the process and replace it with a data-driven approach…

To be able to identify the elements of hiring success, iNostix has developed several state-of-the-art hiring algorithms that can successfully predict the characteristics of applicants who will perform successfully on the job. The iNostix predictive HR analytics can provide your firm with significant talent and business advantages, higher hiring efficiency and lower employee churn.

Below are a few of our solutions, but in the end, with the availability of good data, the predictive possibilities are virtually unlimited: candidate demographics & background data, psychometric data, structured interview data, assessment data, performance data, on boarding evaluation data, training data, etc.


Predict hiring success

The iNostix hiring algorithm will make you re-evaluate your current hiring assumptions and raises the prospect of an upswing in profitability through data-based hiring.

Predict recruitment channel effectiveness

Our algorithms can help you focus on recruitment advertising channels that have the highest ROI.

Predict high potentials

With the iNostix algorithm, organisations will be able to predict which new hires, based on their profile, are likely to be high-potential employees.

Predict employer brand strength

The iNostix algorithm is able to predict when and why your employer brand strength will increase or decrease, compared to others.

Predict contingent workforce effectiveness

Finding the balance between fixed or contingent labour force is complex and decision-making can be improved by using iNostix’s predictive algorithms.