23 04 2014
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Top 15 HR Analytics Articles in Q1/2014

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Recommended blue grunge stampOn request of many of our readers (thanks all of you for your engagement!) we are once again publishing an overview of international articles on HR analytics which were very strong content-wise and which we tweeted over the course of the past months. Sit down, kick back, and immerse yourself in the remarkable world of HR analytics. All of these articles were originally written in English.

1.  Turning Talent Data into Talent Intelligence

2.  Big Data – From Descriptive to Prescriptive

3.  Can data help HR improve productivity?

4.  Getting started with HR Analytics – an HR Director’s tale – Part 1

5.  Tech Insights: How Dirty Data Is Slowing Down Good HR Analytics

6.  Merging engagement survey outcomes with business data

7.  Can Big Data save HR?

8.  Case study: Predictive Employee Turnover Analysis Flow Chart

9.  ‘Grab hold’ of analytics or get left behind, HR warned

10.  How HR Can Implement Big Data — in Six Baby Steps

11.  Is Predictive Analysis the Future of Human Resources?

12.  5 Reasons to start with Predictive Employee Turnover Analysis

13.  Talent Analytics Helps Companies Save with Big Data

14.  Predictive Analysis Applied to Human Resources

15.  The Transformation of HR is underway: data and analytics are the drivers

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