11 05 2015
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Why Not Turning HR Metrics Into Predictive HR Analytics?

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time for changeWe often receive questions how HR Metrics can be turned into Predictive HR Analytics. For a recent project with one of our awesome large clients, we’ve developed a shortlist of Talent Metrics and turned them into a corresponding list of Predictive HR Analytics.

Believe it or not but for any descriptive HR Metric (looking at the past) several predictive questions (looking at the future) can be developed as you can see in the list below. It’s not that difficult, it’s a matter of a different perspective: most HR people traditionally are looking at the past, we always ask questions about the future. So, why not rethinking your own current HR metrics approach? At the bottom of this article, you can find a link to another article with more such examples. Enjoy the reading of the examples in the table below!




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