24 03 2014
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Merging engagement survey outcomes with business data – HR Analytics

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Engagement handsHR can expand its potential as a strategic partner given a more intelligent approach connecting HR and business data with the results of the engagement study. By linking the broader-scope engagement survey to other data available to HR such as sick leave, training, promotion, evaluation, turnover rates, customer satisfaction, sales figures, production figures, etc., HR can create an action-oriented database for the entire organisation.

Develop an impact map

For a previous project in a large transport company we’ve developed a so called ‘Impact Map’, connecting engagement outcomes with HR and business data. In the impact map (see below) of this transport company, you can see the effects of low engagement: the low engaged drivers cause more accidents, lower client satisfaction, higher insurance costs, more medical costs, higher absenteeism and last but not least much more company doctor visits. No need to say that this kind of visualisation has a much bigger effect on the C-level than the ‘regular’ engagement figures.




Communicate evidence-based

Communicating engagement results effectively and clearly with a good story, is really key to success of an engagement survey initiative. Most HR professionals have a tendency to overwhelm the C-level with lots of data (read: tables or figures). I would call this ‘old school’ reporting, not really putting the engagement data to good business use. 

Hence why we advice to:

  • enrich the survey data with business data
  • develop impact maps to demonstrate the impact of engagement on the business
  • communicate actionable recommendations and evidence-based conclusions, not the usual decks full of tables and figures

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March 24, 2014


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