18 11 2015
by Inostix

Why Risk Scoring in HR Analytics is the New Black for CHRO’s

Interview with Luk Smeyers, HR Analytics Expert Interviewer: Luk, in a recent conference you spoke about ‘Risk as the language of the CEO’. Could you explain this a little more?  Luk: Yes, of course. Quick changes seem to be all around these days. Doing business is going ever faster and becoming ever more complex. Disruptive […]

22 07 2015
by Inostix

How HR Analytics Can Help You Predict Work Accidents – Case Study

Even in the most advanced safety-oriented organizations, current safety practices generally involve the analysis of historic (descriptive) work accident data to identify potential issues or risks. This largely relies on retrospective analysis that provides a mirror view and is limited to data directly related to the accident itself (who, what, why, when, etc.). Unfortunately, these […]