24 09 2015
by Inostix

How asking predictive HR analytics questions can add value!

Why is it that HR is usually looking at HR Metrics instead of Predictive HR Analytics, where the latter is much more of interest for the management and has the potential to add much more value to the organisation? It’s just a matter of different perspectives: from looking at the past, to asking questions about […]

06 08 2015
by Inostix

4 Approaches Everyone In HR Analytics Should Be Using

We are being asked regularly what kind of analysis we perform in our predictive HR Analytics projects. For that reason, we made a short overview of the 4 most common approaches or methodologies that we use over and over again. Our 4 approaches have differences in emphasis of course, and we use different techniques in […]

11 05 2015
by Inostix

Why Not Turning HR Metrics Into Predictive HR Analytics?

We often receive questions how HR Metrics can be turned into Predictive HR Analytics. For a recent project with one of our awesome large clients, we’ve developed a shortlist of Talent Metrics and turned them into a corresponding list of Predictive HR Analytics. Believe it or not but for any descriptive HR Metric (looking at […]