18 01 2016
by Inostix

8 Things Mark Berry Can Teach You About HR Analytics

If one person in the HR analytics world has been in the press all the time in the past years, it’s for sure Mark Berry. He was privileged to receive accolades from peers and experts in the industry. Mark was being named one of nine “HR Trendsetters” in the January 2015 issue of HR Magazine for […]

18 11 2015
by Inostix

Why Risk Scoring in HR Analytics is the New Black for CHRO’s

Interview with Luk Smeyers, HR Analytics Expert Interviewer: Luk, in a recent conference you spoke about ‘Risk as the language of the CEO’. Could you explain this a little more?  Luk: Yes, of course. Quick changes seem to be all around these days. Doing business is going ever faster and becoming ever more complex. Disruptive […]

28 05 2015
by Inostix

Debunking Five Predictive HR Analytics Myths

A few weeks ago, we found a great article on the CFO.com website: ‘Five Myths about Predicting Workforce Behaviours’. The article states that CFO’s may want more analytical muscle from human resources, but at most companies that seems to be a far-off dream. The author is wondering what prevents companies from using predictive analytics for purposes of managing […]

24 02 2015
by Inostix

The HR Analytics Journey at Shell, interview with Esther Bongenaar

A few weeks ago, we met with Esther Bongenaar, Lead HR Analytics at Shell International in the Shell Headquarters in The Hague. We discussed the HR Analytics general framework at Shell and the working model in the business and decided to interview her for the iNostix blog. We discussed her background,  the roots of the HR […]

08 12 2014
by Inostix

Critical HR Analytics Lessons from Prof. Dr. Bart Baesens

Almost a year ago Prof. Dr. Bart Baesens became iNostix’ Academic Advisor. An extremely busy man but finally we got an interview appointment with him a few weeks ago. Bart is Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business at KU Leuven (Belgium) and lecturer at the School of Management of the University of Southampton […]

01 12 2014
by Inostix

Interview with iNostix’ Chief Scientist Jeroen Delmotte on HR Analytics

A few weeks ago, iNostix’ Chief Scientist Jeroen Delmotte, PhD., got interviewed by the Belgian Quality Managers Association ‘Kwinta’. The interview was in Dutch, that’s why we are publishing an english transcript of it. Kwinta asked questions such as: What is HR analytics? How is it linked to quality management? What role can quality managers […]

30 09 2014
by Inostix

The HR Analytics Journey at Sears Holdings: interview with Ian O’Keefe

In one of the active HR Analytics Linkedin Groups, we ‘met’ with Ian O’Keefe, Head of Talent Analytics and HR Reporting at Sears Holdings Corporation (headquartered in Hoffman Estates near Chicago, US). Curious as we are, we asked Ian for an interview and present to us the Sears HR Analytics general framework and to give us some insights […]

16 07 2014
by Inostix

The HR analytics journey at ABN-AMRO: interview with Patrick Coolen

Since 2012, ABN-AMRO partners with iNostix and Bright & Company for their HR Analytics projects. Time for an interview with Patrick Coolen, Manager Workforce Planning and HR Analytics at ABN-AMRO, based at the HQ in Amsterdam. Patrick also presented the ABN-AMRO HR Analytics general framework at several international conferences and the participants really liked his presentation very much. Patrick presented his insightful opinion on several specific ABN-AMRO analytical projects, the required expertise for HR Analytics and his personal advice to HR professionals on how to start with HR Analytics. We are delighted to be able to present Patrick on the HR Intelligence Blog.