09 05 2014
by Inostix

What HR can learn from Sports Analytics – Interview With Wharton Prof. Cade Massey

“Human resource professionals have begun to use sophisticated data analysis for all sorts of people-related issues ranging from recruitment and performance evaluation to promotion and compensation”, says Wharton Professor Massey. In a recent Wharton Knowledge interview, Prof. Massey talks about People Analytics and the waves it makes because it is said to eliminate biases that […]

24 03 2014
by Inostix

Merging engagement survey outcomes with business data – HR Analytics

HR can expand its potential as a strategic partner given a more intelligent approach connecting HR and business data with the results of the engagement study. By linking the broader-scope engagement survey to other data available to HR such as sick leave, training, promotion, evaluation, turnover rates, customer satisfaction, sales figures, production figures, etc., HR […]

09 02 2014
by Inostix

14 HR Analytics Conferences in 2014

Thanks to our colleague Tony Brugman (Twitter: @tonybrugman), HR Business Analist with our partners Bright & Company in the Nederlands (Twitter: @bright_company) we are publishing an overview of several HR Analytics and HR Technology Conferences in 2014. A few of them have already happened but we’ve kept them in the list as they may be repeated next year. Our […]

13 02 2013
by Inostix

4 HR Analytics Tips to Extract More Value from your Engagement Survey

We have written it before: far too often, HR reports near-meaningless HR metrics such as turnover, absenteeism, training hours, aggregated engagement scores,… At the very best, the results are analyzed per department, but often a survey leads to nothing more than meaningless conclusions such as “Our sick leave rate is down from last year and […]