13 10 2014
by Inostix

4 Ways To Add Value With HR Analytics

Traditional performance analysis in most companies consists of retrospective analysis that provides a backward-looking view, reporting what happened in the past. To be able to add value, HR will need to evolve from descriptive to predictive analytics, working with statistical models and forecast techniques to understand the future and answer the question: ‘What could happen […]

24 03 2014
by Inostix

Merging engagement survey outcomes with business data – HR Analytics

HR can expand its potential as a strategic partner given a more intelligent approach connecting HR and business data with the results of the engagement study. By linking the broader-scope engagement survey to other data available to HR such as sick leave, training, promotion, evaluation, turnover rates, customer satisfaction, sales figures, production figures, etc., HR […]

13 02 2013
by Inostix

4 HR Analytics Tips to Extract More Value from your Engagement Survey

We have written it before: far too often, HR reports near-meaningless HR metrics such as turnover, absenteeism, training hours, aggregated engagement scores,… At the very best, the results are analyzed per department, but often a survey leads to nothing more than meaningless conclusions such as “Our sick leave rate is down from last year and […]