27 02 2014
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Case study: Predictive Employee Turnover Analysis Flow Chart – HR Analytics

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iStock_flowchart_gekochtFor a recent turnover analysis project with a client, we have developed a comprehensive project flow chart which we’d like to share with you. The client, a large market leading company, is suffering from junior expert churn/turnover. During the previous years, we were able to gather an enormous amount of data from this client, including excellent quantitative survey information (which we’ve conducted ourselves).

The objective of the project is to analyse the turnover problem and to come up with solid predictions to support junior expert retention campaigns in the near future. Have a look at the flow chart and discover what’s possible with good HR data (quantitative as well as qualitative) and the enormous potential of predictions that can be developed by merging HR and business data. Feel free to ask questions at the bottom of the article if you’d like to know more about such a prediction project.


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Februari 27, 2014

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