24 02 2015
by Inostix

The HR Analytics Journey at Shell, interview with Esther Bongenaar

A few weeks ago, we met with Esther Bongenaar, Lead HR Analytics at Shell International in the Shell Headquarters in The Hague. We discussed the HR Analytics general framework at Shell and the working model in the business and decided to interview her for the iNostix blog. We discussed her background,  the roots of the HR […]

16 02 2015
by Inostix

Why HR reporting can be very misleading!

The widespread adoption of HR information systems has made HR reporting much more accessible and standardized the past few years. As we’ve explained in our blog ‘Moving from descriptive to predictive HR analytics’, HRIS looks for trends at the macro or aggregated levels of the business, and then drills down into the data to identify […]

09 02 2015
by Inostix

The HR Analytics Value Pyramid (Part 3)

This blog post has been prepared to respond to the many questions we get with regards to how to add value with HR Analytics. With the HR Analytics Value Pyramid we hope to provoke and to help how you could create value in your organization with HR Analytics. We’ve created this Pyramid based on real-life […]