11 12 2014
by Inostix

Job description #6: Datascientist HR Analytics at Ahold (Dec. 2014)

To be able to learn from others, we regularly publish job descriptions from innovative companies building HR analytical capabilities. In this particular vacancy, Ahold is looking (Dec. 2014) to recruit a Datascientist HR Analytics to join the HR Analytics team in Amsterdam – Netherlands. This is an excellent job description from Ahold! You can find more job descriptions at […]

08 12 2014
by Inostix

Critical HR Analytics Lessons from Prof. Dr. Bart Baesens

Almost a year ago Prof. Dr. Bart Baesens became iNostix’ Academic Advisor. An extremely busy man but finally we got an interview appointment with him a few weeks ago. Bart is Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business at KU Leuven (Belgium) and lecturer at the School of Management of the University of Southampton […]

01 12 2014
by Inostix

Interview with iNostix’ Chief Scientist Jeroen Delmotte on HR Analytics

A few weeks ago, iNostix’ Chief Scientist Jeroen Delmotte, PhD., got interviewed by the Belgian Quality Managers Association ‘Kwinta’. The interview was in Dutch, that’s why we are publishing an english transcript of it. Kwinta asked questions such as: What is HR analytics? How is it linked to quality management? What role can quality managers […]