29 08 2014
by Inostix

How HR Analytics will transform the world of hiring

To identify the elements of hiring success with HR analytics, you can use several state-of-the-art hiring algorithms these days that can successfully predict the characteristics of applicants who will perform successfully on the job. Predictive HR analytics can provide your firm with significant talent and business advantages, higher hiring efficiency and lower employee churn. Below are a five examples of analytical approaches but in the end the predictive possibilities are virtually unlimited, provided the availability of good data such as: candidate demographics & background data, psychometric data, structured interview data, assessment data, performance data, onboarding evaluation data, training data, etc.

21 08 2014
by Inostix

Top 16 HR Analytics Articles in Q2/2014

Once again we are publishing an overview of international articles on HR analytics which were very strong content-wise and were tweeted by iNostix over the course of the past months in quarter 2 of 2014. Sit down, kick back, and immerse yourself in the remarkable world of HR analytics. All of these articles were originally written in English. For the first time in our series of Top Rated articles, we’ve added a short introduction to the article to help you navigating in the list.