23 05 2014
by Inostix

Moving from Descriptive to Predictive HR Analytics

We regularly meet organisations that have very impressive HRIS implementations with great dashboards and reporting capabilities. However, almost all of them struggle to understand how predictive HR analytics could augment their existing HRIS capabilities. The purpose of this short blog is to clarify the main differences between HRIS (a.k.a. descriptive analytics) and predictive HR analytics (a subset of data science) and highlight their complementary natures.

09 05 2014
by Inostix

What HR can learn from Sports Analytics – Interview With Wharton Prof. Cade Massey

“Human resource professionals have begun to use sophisticated data analysis for all sorts of people-related issues ranging from recruitment and performance evaluation to promotion and compensation”, says Wharton Professor Massey. In a recent Wharton Knowledge interview, Prof. Massey talks about People Analytics and the waves it makes because it is said to eliminate biases that […]