05 04 2016
by Sabine Votteler

Lucky #13: Luk Smeyers’ HR analytics articles on the HRN blog


It’s been almost a year since Luk Smeyers became a regular contributor to the HRN blog – one of the leading sources of news and opinions in the world of HR, recruitment and HR Tech. Luk’s goal is to wake up HR practitioners and recruitment professionals to the world of possibilities presented by HR analytics.

Luckily, iNostix’s client work and Luk’s regular attendance of leading industry events offer an endless pool of inspiration. Unfortunately, time restrictions allow us to share only so much with the readers. So, in the interest of time efficiency, we prepared a quick guide to Luk’s articles on the HRN blog. Whether you are reading this on your commute to work or while taking a coffee break in the office, take a few minutes to scroll through and catch up on what you may have missed.

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31 03 2016
by Inostix

iNostix got acquired by Deloitte – March 18, 2016

iNostixByD_H_CMYKDeloitte announced the acquisition of iNostix, the leading expert for predictive HR analytics. This acquisition will help Deloitte to further cement its role as the leader in the field of Human Capital. The iNostix team delivers a range of services in HR analytics and will now operate under the name ‘iNostix by Deloitte’.

Koen Vandaele, Managing Partner Consulting at Deloitte: “We aspire to be the undisputed market leader in helping our clients to transform their businesses in an increasingly digital world. As this requires deep expertise in human capital and analytics, the integration of iNostix gives us the opportunity to expand our capabilities in the domain of predictive analytics – and more specifically in the field of HR analytics. This ensures that we are even better positioned to help our clients navigate the organisational and people-related challenges which they will inevitably encounter during their business transformation journey.” Complete post

18 01 2016
by Inostix

8 Things Mark Berry Can Teach You About HR Analytics

Mark Berry 8 LearningsIf one person in the HR analytics world has been in the press all the time in the past years, it’s for sure Mark Berry. He was privileged to receive accolades from peers and experts in the industry.

Mark was being named one of nine “HR Trendsetters” in the January 2015 issue of HR Magazine for his efforts in workforce analytics & planning and was the subject of a Bersin case study on “continuous cost based workforce planning“. He also received the Workforce.com’s 2014 “Optimas Award” for Business Impact as a result of the work he pioneered in workforce planning and received the 2014 “WhatWorks” Bersin by Deloitte Award for his efforts in workforce analytics.

In addition, Mark was privileged to be part of a project with a major technology vendor, co-innovating in the development of a cost-based workforce planning application and last but not least, he featured as a speaker at several famous workforce planning & analytics conferences.

In the meantime, Mark has moved from his HR workforce planning & analytics role at ConAgra to the position of VP HR (and CHRO) at CGB Enterprises, Inc.

We are excited that he agreed to be interviewed for the iNostix blog and we are proud that we can share his learnings with our numerous readers and followers. Here you go, enjoy the reading of his 8 learnings!

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22 12 2015
by Inostix

Top 20 HR Analytics Articles (second half year 2015)

2_Top 20_met grafiekOnce again we are bringing you a selection of our favorite articles on HR analytics, this time for the second half of 2015. The second half of this year has provided us with so many insightful articles in the world of analytics that even narrowing the list down to 20 was a painful task. We hope that you can find some time to stop, unwind, and catch up on your reading.

The articles we selected for you cover everything from getting started with analytics in recruitment to making sure your analytics journey proceeds in an ethical way as well as double-checking that you are on par with the trends of the year we are about to wave goodbye to. So ignore the rest of your incoming emails for the next few hours and enjoy the read. Happy Holidays! Complete post

18 11 2015
by Inostix

Why Risk Scoring in HR Analytics is the New Black for CHRO’s

Interview with Luk Smeyers, HR Analytics Expert

Interviewer: Luk, in a recent conference you spoke about ‘Risk as the language of the CEO’. Could you explain this a little more? 

Luk: Yes, of course. Quick changes seem to be all around these days. Doing business is going ever faster and becoming ever more complex. Disruptive innovations in technology are gaining more and more the upper hand. People dynamics keep evolving and workforces are becoming an increasingly complex mix of fixed and all sorts of temporary contracts. This and many other trends have brought about new dangers, meaning that CEOs need to be able to trust HR with analysing the right (people-related) risks that could jeopardise business continuity. Complete post

19 10 2015
by Inostix

Top 18 HR Analytics Articles (first half year 2015)

Top rated grunge round red stampOnce again we are bringing you a selection of our favorite articles on HR analytics, this time for the first half of 2015. Having gone through hundreds of articles by some of the most recognized experts and thought leaders, narrowing it down to the top 18 was not an easy task. From the do’s and don’ts in implementation, to dismantling common myths and to exploring the evolution of HR analytics, this selection guarantees that you will be up to speed with the major trends, shifts and pitfalls in the, often times complex yet vital for HR, world of analytics.

So, as you settle in your office chair sipping on a cup of morning coffee looking in disbelief at your to-do list for today, take the next 30 minutes to skim through the articles we selected for you. We promise, they are worth the read. Complete post

24 09 2015
by Inostix

How asking predictive HR analytics questions can add value!


Why is it that HR is usually looking at HR Metrics instead of Predictive HR Analytics, where the latter is much more of interest for the management and has the potential to add much more value to the organisation? It’s just a matter of different perspectives: from looking at the past, to asking questions about the future, it’s the ultimate HR switch – moving from transactional reporting (ask yourself, does management really care?) to transformational predicting (you bet: you will add value!). What are you waiting for?

For a recent project with one of our awesome large clients, we’ve developed a second shortlist of Productivity, Performance and Engagement Metrics and turned them into a corresponding list of examples of Predictive HR Analytics questions. Hopefully the examples below provide inspiration to rethink your own current transactional HR metrics approach! Here’s also the link to the first part of this project. Enjoy the learning!

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27 08 2015
by Inostix

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Predictive HR Analytics Activities

Every time when we meet with an HR professional who calls us in to discuss building predictive HR Analytics capabilities, we get the standard question: how can we best start in the fastest possible way? Of course, there’s not such a standard response to this question as every organisation is different and has varying challenges with data, analytical capabilities, business and/or people issues, etc. However, below you can find some of our key answers to the most common questions. The iNostix FAQ so to say…enjoy!


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