About us

Welcome to iNostix, a Predictive Workforce Analytics Company of inquiring minds, with two passionate founders who explore, probe and challenge conventional wisdom since 2008. We measure, observe and analyse. We listen, interpret and recommend. Our added value resides in the combination of scientifically validated analytical methodologies in combination with long-term HR experience. This inter-disciplinary symbiosis of HR and Data Science is what really sets us apart.

Our paramount objective is to build predictive HR analytics that reflect the strategic effect of people investments on the performance of organisations. iNostix presents powerful evidence that HR can make a deeper contribution to business outcomes by moving from descriptive (mostly related to headcount, cost, compensation) to predictive analytics, determining patterns and predicting future outcomes, potential risks and opportunities for organisations.

Luk Smeyers


With more than 25 years experience as an international HR executive in Fortune 500 companies (Pepsi, Starbucks, Nielsen), Luk is recognized as a top European Predictive HR Analytics expert. He is revered as a leading thinker and influencer, and is a well-known blogger, speaker, columnist and author of many articles. Luk teaches HR Analytics at the Universities of Nyenrode (NL), Leuven (BE) and Antwerp (BE). He is a frequently invited speaker at international conferences.

As Co-Founder and CEO, Luk helps clients to set a higher ambition for strategic HR intelligence, leading complex consultative projects and strategy meetings with them. His key responsibilities within iNostix consist of the external project management (at client), the 
translation of HR imperatives into HR analytical projects, providing
 advice on the development of HR analytical competencies and capabilities and the delivery of HR analytics workshops and master classes.

Luk has a passion for running and cycling and has been competing in several international marathons, ultra runs and long distance endurance mountain biking such a the famous South African Cape Epic race (8 days, 1.000 km’s).

Dr. Jeroen Delmotte


Jeroen turned his PhD research (promoted 2008) into scientifically based Predictive HR Analytics tools. He combines extensive quantitative and qualitative methodological know-how with strong practical experience in the development and the validation of predictive models.

As Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Jeroen manages large HR analytics and research projects on a daily basis. His key responsibilities within iNostix consist of the internal analytical project management, the 
scientific validation of analytical projects, the 
development of predictive models, the execution of deep statistical analysis & data/text mining, the collaboration with clients’ external providers (such as for engagement, assessment, leadership) for data exchange/merging purposes and last but not least the 
presentation of analytical findings & recommendations at iNostix’ clients.

Jeroen is a die hard fan and socio of football club KV Mechelen (Belgium), a club with an incredible history and the last Belgian club with a European title: the European Cup Winners’ Cup against Ajax in ‘87-‘88 and the European Super Cup against PSV in ’88.

Prof. Dr. Bart Baesens


Professor Dr. Bart Baesens is an associate professor at KU Leuven (B) and a guest lecturer at the University of Southampton (UK). He has done extensive research on data mining and its applications, published in well-known international journals and presents at top conferences around the world. Prof. Baesens has recently published a new book: ‘Analytics in a Big Data World’ (Wiley).

He regularly tutors, advices and provides consulting support to international firms with respect to data mining and predictive analytics and has joined iNostix in 2014 as academic advisor.

Bart is a passionate wine lover and loves reading history books, especially covering World War I and II.