21 08 2014
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Top 16 HR Analytics Articles in Q2/2014

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Once again we are publishing an overview of content-rich international HR Analytics articles that were tweeted by iNostix over the course of the past months (quarter 2/2014). Sit dow, kick back, and immerse yourself in the remarkable world of HR analytics. All of these articles were originally written in English. For the first time in our series of Top Rated articles, we’ve added a short introduction to the article to help you navigating in the list.





1. Turning Talent Data into Talent Intelligence – European Business Review

Talent management is built upon talent intelligence—the understanding that businesses have of the skills, expertise and qualities of their people. It is the basis of every people decision that companies make and without it, they would be reduced to just randomly hiring and promoting people.

2. Why your analytics are failing you – Harvard Business Review

Many organizations investing millions in big data, analytics, and hiring quants appear frustrated. They undeniably have more and even better data. Their analysts and analytics are first-rate, too. But managers still seem to be having the same kinds of business arguments and debates.

3. Can data help HR improve productivity? – CIPD

People Management’s focus on productivity this month outlined the ways HR professionals can positively influence operational efficiency, from upskilling to reducing bureaucracy. But the missing piece of the puzzle may be the most important: the ever-growing importance of metrics can help both HR and the colleagues it works with be more productive.

4. The Transformation of HR is Underway – HR Examiner, John Sumser

HR is being transformed while we watch. It’s not going to be a grass-roots endeavor to disrupt the function. Instead, HR is going to be asked to use the tools of the 21st Century: Data, Analysis and Visualization.

5. How big data drives successful practices in HR – Ceridian

It’s come to light in recent years that there’s a significant gap in corporate human resources – there are some companies that have wholeheartedly embraced the power of modern technology, and some that as yet, have failed to do so.

6. Shaking up Human Resources with Analytics – it.toolbox.com

Say good-bye to the resume and the interview. Workforce science, which relies on big data analysis, is transforming how human resources departments go about finding employees.

7. HR Analytics: Moving from Descriptive to Predictive Analysis – HR Intelligence Blog

A lot of organisations that have very impressive HRIS implementations with great dashboards and reporting capabilities. However, almost all of them struggle to understand how predictive HR analytics could augment their existing HRIS capabilities. The purpose of this short blog is to clarify the main differences between HRIS (a.k.a. descriptive analytics) and predictive HR analytics (a subset of data science) and highlight their complementary natures.

8. In Hiring, Algorithms Beat Instinct – Harvard Business Review

You know your company inside out. You know the requirements of the position you need to fill. And now that HR has finished its interviews and simulations, you know the applicants, too—maybe even better than their friends do. Your wise and experienced brain is ready to synthesize the data and choose the best candidate for the job.

9. Who’s Really Moving the Big-Data Needle for HR? – HRE online, Prof. Capelli

While HR struggles to capitalize on the potential of big data, other departments such as IT are already finding business value within the numbers – and conveying that information directly to the powers that be.

10. Six takeways from the HR analytics Innovation Summit – David Green

David recently had the honour of chairing the HR & Workforce Analytics Innovation Summit in London. What made the summit such a pleasure to chair was that rather than the usual blend of vendors and industry experts, the floor was very much reserved for HR Analytics leaders themselves to outline their personal HR Analytics journeys.

11. What HR can learn from Sport Analytics – Interview w. Prof. Cade Massey

Human resource professionals have begun to use sophisticated data analysis for all sorts of people-related issues ranging from recruitment and performance evaluation to promotion and compensation”, says Wharton Professor Massey. In a recent Wharton Knowledge interview, Prof. Massey talks about People Analytics and the waves it makes because it is said to eliminate biases that exist in human judgment.

12. Talent Analytics in Practice – Dupress/Deloitte

Analytics is an exciting and fast-growing area in human resources, but many companies are lagging. How can they address this game-changing area of HR to move quickly and methodically into the future?

13. As talent war intensifies, recruiters turn to analyticsBenefitsPro

With the economy recovering and hiring levels roaring back, employers nowadays are bringing more science to the art of recruiting, developing and retaining employees, all in hopes of building the best teams. Google, Best Buy, Starbucks and others have been using data for years in this way. Now, it’s an approach that is spreading as a growing number of employers embrace analytics over gut instincts.

14. Getting started with HR Analytics: An HR Director’s Tale – David Green

Picture the scene. The chastened HR Director stumbles out of the CEO’s office having received an almighty rollicking. The CEO had just got back from a few days of hobnobbing with his peers and he was furious. The reason for his ire was the fact that he was so damn impressed with the HR Analytics the likes of GE had…

15. The HR Analytics journey at Maersk: interview with Peter Hartmann, HR Analytics Director – HR Intelligence Blog

At a recent HR Analytics Conference in London, Peter V.W. Hartmann, PhD., Business Intelligence Expert and HR Analytics Manager at Maersk Drilling (at the headquarters in Denmark) presented his company’s HR Analytics general framework. He gave the conference participants an overview of the roots of the HR Analytics function at Maersk, insights in several specific projects, the required expertise for HR Analytics and his personal advice to HR professionals on how to start with HR Analytics.

16. From Human Screen to Machine: Predictive Analytics Helps Avoid a Major Point of Hiring Failure – Talent Analytics

What is an employer’s most business-critical corporate process? At or near the top of this list has to be hiring employees that deliver more value to their role and company than they cost to their employer. Employees bring in revenue, rescue a customer, make your products, deliver goods, and sustain your profitability going forward. Identifying the right people, and avoiding the wrong ones, is an imperative to business sustainability.

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